Since 1995, Sagar has maintained its appellation with new milestones that has been set on delivering quality service in different IT and electronics sectors. Endeavoring to provide pre-eminent product in Nepali market, our motto remains the same. Along with IT, our service has traversed to Micro-Financing, Wellness & Spa, Hospitality and Media & Events.

Starting off our voyage from a small town in the outskirts of Kathmandu, Banepa - Kavre as a Desktop Publishing Firm with minimal funds, resources and workforce, we have attached to the combination of divergent companies, world-renowned brands, carrying out multiple activities simultaneously. Sagar Group is a nationwide influence today and stands as a proud example of hard work.  

Sagar Group is proud to be engulfed with more than 100 staff members, 14 subsidiary companies, 12 international brands and a Nepali brand. We currently have over 300 dealers and a massive base of 1 million+ satisfied customers. “Possibilities Unlimited” the main axiom of Sagar Group has made Sagar able to achieve prodigious built in business trust in the market.

Partnering with individuals and firms of different scale across Nepal, Sagar Group today is involved in various sectors as ranging from IT to Hospitality and has customized its technologies and workforce implementation to meet the local requirements while also providing best cost-effective performance.  

Sagar Group currently allocates 12 renowned brands: Brother, Kaspersky, Totolink, Konica Minolta, NEC, MicroPack, Zebex, Mitsubishi Electronics, x-Lab, IDP, Honeywell & Zonerich. We have five retail stores which deal with customers up close, two finance and investment companies which specialize in micro-financing revenue from the locals and invest it in various sectors.

The ethical values of Sagar Group have been strong enough to make business dealing with honesty, integrity and full transparency. We value our co-workers, staffs, and this value ultimately help us to maintain our brand exposure.

Whirling to bring innovative ideas together, and to help create a community of people who hold the notion of “Possibilities Unlimited”, is they believe that we forever do.